No beverage has been the center of controversy to the extent that coffee has. With some camps condemning it for high caffeine contents, it really has had its day in the mud. But like the noble Phoenix, coffee’s reputation is on the rise again. Backed by scientific evidence of course.

And millennials are helping coffee make a heroic comeback, consuming 44% of it in the US (resulting in coffee prices going up). Their passion for coffee is so intense they even post pictures on Instagram and other social media channels. Those posts drive more engagement than images of your cute baby.

3 Good Reasons to Indulge In Your Favorite Cup of Coffee

According to a research conducted by some scientists from the University of Catana, Italy, coffee is a beneficial beverage. And the benefits are astounding. Three of the main ones are:

1. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Depending on the cancer type, coffee has been known to reduce the risk of cancer by 2%-20%. Those are great figures.

2. Reduces and Repairs DNA Strands

Without going into technical details, this simply means general body health, which in turn translates into a longer life.

3. Reduces the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease (and Type 2 Diabetes)

This by a whopping 30%.

With this evidence, you can go ahead and happily indulge in your favorite cup of coffee. But before you do, did you know that your favorite cup of coffee is a strong indicator of your personality type?

Personality Types – Know Thyself (and Thy Coffee)

Before we dive into the correlation between you and your coffee tastes, let’s define “personality”.

Personality – “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”

In other words, your personality is who you are. And your cup of coffee reveals it.

Now let’s look a 10 common types of coffee and what they reveal about you.

1. Regular Black Coffee

You are a purist whose outlook on life is simple, and straight forward. Dress style: simple and practical. You are a reliable pillar that your friends love to lean on.

2. Regular Coffee, With Sugar and Milk

You struggle to understand who you are. At times it seems you have a split personality and you work hard to strike a balance between logic and creativity.

3. Espresso

How do you define enthusiastic? One simple word: espresso. Espresso drinkers are naturally energetic, go-getters who want to get things done. Your morning shot of espresso is just a boost to help you achieve your adrenaline driven goals. Espresso drinkers usually have good leadership qualities and skills.

4. Double Espresso

Does double espresso mean double enthusiasm? No, not really. Like the single espresso drinker, you are motivated and driven. You are a practical, logical person who functions best under instruction.

5. Cappuccino

Classy, creative, and clean. And that’s in every area of life. Cappuccino drinkers also tend to be friendly (and talk a lot) and very optimistic. Your friends love you for your energy. You know how to lift others out of a bad mood.

6. Frappuccino

Just like your favorite coffee beverage, you are stylish. You are always ahead of current fashion trends (trendsetters) and usually the life of the party. As for spontaneity, spontaneous is your middle name.

7. Latte

Comfort and the nice things in life are what matter to you. More relaxed by nature, you are more of a thinker than a doer. If you are a latte drinker, you probably own a cat (or some other pet you can place on your laps) or some fluffy toys.

8. Artisan Coffee

What’s that you say? This “3rd wave” of coffee is all about the science and sensibility behind a cup of coffee. What does it say about personality? Sophisticated, fashionable, and seeking the finer things in life. Artisan coffee drinkers are more prone to being eccentric. Just listen to their music preferences. Move out of the 80’s already!

9.  Soy Milk Coffee

Detail oriented (even small of things can put you off), expensive tastes (and very picky too), and self-centered. You tend to be sanctimonious and view yourself as superior to others.

10. Instant Coffee

Yes, there are people who still drink instant coffee. Laid back, cheerful, and usually with an “I-don’t-care-what-people-think” attitude. Perhaps that’s why you are still drinking instant coffee while others are sipping on specialty coffees.

Your Personality – It’s All in the Coffee

As they say, “you are what you eat”. Your favorite coffee adds more meaning to that. Next time you want to find out your personality type, why not take the test that answers that question and tastes good too. What is your favorite coffee beverage? The answer to that question will help you answer life’s oldest mystery, “who am I?”

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