You’ve probably seen the image of Juan Valdez pop up all over the place. You know his signature ten-gallon hat, and his trusty mule Conchita.

You’ve seen them both laden with sacks of coffee beans in all sorts of advertising. You know him as a coffee mascot, but that’s probably where your knowledge ends.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that Juan Valdez is not only a figure, but also a brand.

Five Things to Know about Juan Valdez Coffee

You can visit Juan Valdez cafes in a number of locations worldwide. Each location offers a deep appreciation for coffee beans, and the art of growing them.

If you’re a lover of rich Colombian coffee then you need a crash course in all that Juan Valdez cafes have to offer. Here are the top five things that you didn’t know about the Juan Valdez brand.

1. Their Icon is Fictional

The first revelation about the brand is that the coffee icon himself is not a real person, or even based on any one real person. He’s sort of like the Johnny Appleseed of coffee, but he’s an amalgamation of people rather than one singular person.

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation created him in 1959 to draw public awareness to the rich traditions of Colombian coffee and its growers. He is a symbol, and his role as an international coffee ambassador helps instill pride in the hearts of Colombians.

He’s become both an important cultural figure, and also an important pop culture figure.

2. Their Profits Help Support Growers

The brand doesn’t just symbolize Colombian coffee growers, but it also helps to make them money.

A portion of the profits from the cafes worldwide, and the coffee sold online, goes to Colombia’s coffee growers. In fact, according to their website Juan Valdez is, “the only internationally recognized coffee brand that belongs to coffee growers.”

That’s a really powerful and important statement. It can be easy for corporations to overlook the hard work of the suppliers responsible for their products, but Juan Valdez embraces and celebrates that work.

This is all thanks to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. It tasked the brand with creating ways to generate profits for Colombian coffee growers more than a decade ago.

By buying a cup of their coffee, or a pound of beans, you help to support thousands of Colombian coffee growers, and their families.

Thousands of miles away these growers work tirelessly to harvest the best quality beans, and Juan Valdez helps ensure they benefit as much as you do.

3. They Have Locations Around the World

Although primarily concentrated in Latin America, you can find Juan Valdez Cafes all across the globe. There are even locations in the United States in New York City and Washington, D.C.

They have locations in twenty-two countries, and they work to show the world the value of Colombian beans.

Stop by a café to be immersed in the rich smell of coffee, and to benefit from the coffee expertise of the knowledgeable and passionate baristas who work there.

In addition to enjoying a cup of Colombia’s finest coffee all across the globe, you can also enjoy them across the skies. You’ll find Juan Valdez coffee served in airports and on airlines ensuring that wherever you travel, good coffee goes with you.

4. Their Whole Bean Coffee is Available Online

For many people the best-brewed cup of coffee is the one they make in their own kitchen. That’s why having the ability to order superior quality beans online, and have them delivered right to your door, is so important.

Their website offers a great selection of whole bean coffees in a variety of roasts to suit every palette. The exotic names of their blends, like Volcan and Narino, allude to the rich, robust flavors that Columbian-grown beans are known for.

They’ll help to transform your at-home coffee experience into something luxurious and refined.

5. They Offer Responsible Ways to Use Single Serve Pods

Single serve coffee pods have helped to revolutionize the coffee industry, and they have changed the way many people enjoy their cup of coffee.

They provide you with a really easy way to enjoy just the right amount of coffee without having to waste a whole pot. They also make it easy to enjoy coffee on the go, in hotels, at concerts, and aboard airplanes.

The downside to this ease and convenience is the environmental impact these products have. All those plastic cups and pods end up in landfills, which is why offering organic compostable coffee pods is the best of both worlds.

You get the same great taste and the same convenience, but in a much more responsible way. That’s because the pods utilize, “the world’s first 100% certified compostable single serve coffee pod technology.”

Discover the Richness of Colombian Coffee and Support Growers 

Juan Valdez Café brand is more than a face. It’s more than packaged coffee, or handcrafted beverages.

They are an example to the entire coffee industry of what it means to serve customers with quality, expertise, and good morals. They offer something to more than just those who purchase from them- they offer a standard to live up to for those of us who make, trade, and sell coffee.

Juan Valdez Cafe have done well for themselves in this industry by playing fair and doing right by the earth. They also do right by their consumers by proving a quality product that is well-loved.

They give back to those at the forefront of the business, the growers, and they see this same type of dedication all the way to the end of the process.

This brand shows us how to do the business well and how to supply coffee in all different avenues, so the brand can gain traction and become important and valued to customers.

It’s a total coffee experience that starts with the coffee growers themselves and reaches cafes and kitchens across the globe.

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