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Fetco Coffee Bruwer Equipment: Quality and Innovation Review

Today, there are so many brands for everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a car, mouse, or TV. Often, the higher quality brands are companies you’ve never even heard of, which makes it harder to decide.

This especially the case with coffee equipment and products. Many high-end, quality, pieces can be found in the market, but you must know where to look and who to trust.

One brand that fits the bill of not-heard-of-quality is Fetco. The company, which started back in 1987, is known for their contributions to the foodservice industry. While their specialty may be coffee and tea, they also provide excellent tools for serving hot water and storing

A key component of Fetco maintaining its reputation comes from innovation. Often, Fetco is the forefront of engineering for new ideas in how to serve premium coffee.

The biggest part of their operation comes from high-quality bulk coffee brewing. This is just another way of saying brewing lots of coffee for a big crowd. Their secret is the Extractor Brewing System, which we’ll get into a bit later.

Overall, the company prides itself on its offerings within the coffee market, but are they really all that?

fetco coffe brewer

Fetco Comes to Town with Accuracy

The name may not be common knowledge for those outside of the coffee industry, but Fetco has been dishing out superior, built-to-last gear for the last 30 years. They might be one of the only manufacturers that relies on the LEAN process, which helps maximize the overall cost and efficiency of building their equipment.

This method can provide the most customer value, when manufacturing products, so it’s nice to see a company in the tea and coffee business using it. LEAN provides efficient production runs, and an easier way of managing inventory for all orders, creating a vertically integrated operation.

While this doesn’t mean much to the common consumer, it can be a night and day difference to those relying on Fetco for their coffee needs. Within the manufacturing process there is a 10-point inspection on all assembly line areas, to double check the performance and quality before releasing the item to the next part.

All of this wouldn’t mean anything if their equipment didn’t work as advertised, and while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and efficiency is key, providing service after the fact is crucial. Fetco has a service team that is available 24/7 if needed, with technicians able to diagnose and fix most issues as quickly as possible.

Now that we have some backstory on the company, let’s look at their most popular offerings for commercial and at-home use.

What Makes a Fetco Product Standout?

By now, you know that quality is standard on all Fetco products, but what about the features that power them?

Just like any other technology, features are what set a device apart from another, helping create competition. Even within the coffee industry, which may not seem big in relation to the computer or television industries, having new and exciting products that wow your consumers is key to staying relevant.

That’s what Fetco tries to achieve with every release.

Most of their products rely on a sleek, modern design that will look just as elegant on your countertop as it would in a coffee shop. On top of this, all their equipment has been designed to be as easy-to-operate as possible. Many of their dispensers, for instance, feature a touchscreen high-resolution display allowing for easy feedback and navigation through settings.

There’s also features that aid in preparing high-quality coffee. Take their Funnel Technology: it’s a proprietary digital funnel system. Within this feature, you’ll find a way of managing inventory and reducing waste when brewing or holding coffee. Plus, it’s made from ULTEM, which is a strong, durable material that can withstand the high temperatures.

It may seem crazy, but the little things matter in the short and long-term.

The Best Equipment Fetco Offers

The company creates products across six different categories: coffee brewers, superautomatic grinders, coffee grinders, tea brewers, hot water dispensers, and coffee and tea dispensers.

This offering allows the brand to focus on perfecting the methods used to create great beverages, with all their products made with the user in mind.

No products found.

No products found.

Fetco Single Hopper Coffee Grinder
Fetco Single Hopper Coffee Grinder Gr-1.3
  • Fetco Single Hopper Coffee Grinder Gr-1.3

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

Fetco Temperature
Fetco Temperature On Demand Hot Water Dispenser Hwd-2105Tod-H210520
  • Fetco Temperature On Demand Hot Water Dispenser Hwd-2105Tod-H210520

Fetco D448/L4D-10
Fetco D448/L4D-10 Luxus 1 Gallon Portable Thermal Coffee Dispenser
  • Model #: D448/L4D‐10
  • Integrated lid with a removable funnel system, pivoting brew cap and front‐positioned handle
  • Precision fit funnel assembly keeps in moisture and heat

Brewing with a Fetco Coffee Maker

Simply put, the coffee brewer is one of the pivotal tools in any barista’s arsenal. This includes at-home baristas.

When you have the right brewer for your needs, making that perfect cup of joe becomes easier, along with more interesting to tackle. Gone are the days of simply throwing in pre-ground beans into your standard 10-cup machine.

If you’re looking to take your brewing game up a notch, Fetco offers plenty of machines to fit the task. Their most reasonable, and seemingly basic, machine is the CBS-1131-V+.

While their naming department could use work, the brewer does not. It features a one-gallon brewing volume, along with Fetco’s Cascading Spray Dome, Extractor, and Pulse Brew technologies. There’s also a hot water spigot to use in case all you require is some heated water.

The 1131-V+ can output 120 cups of coffee an hour and is suitably ideal for a small office space or any specialty coffee shop.

A Bigger Machine to Get the Job Done

Moving up the chain, if you need equipment to routinely serve hundreds of people, such as catering or stadium events, look no further than the CBS-62H-30. Make no mistake: this is a big machine. Coming in at 40 inches by 35 inches, and weighing over 150 pounds, this brewer is equipped with dual three-gallon tanks to output plenty of coffee. While it doesn’t feature the advanced technology that the 1131-V+ does, there are options to program the brewing time and temperature, along with the hot water spigot.

If You Need a Grinder, Fetco Provides

Moving on to their grinder options, the company has two different series: the superautomatic and standard.

While the superautomatic is in a league of its own, being that it can be a grinder and automatic espresso machine, that shouldn’t stop you from checking out their products.

One of the Better Espresso-Based Grinders

One that could be worth investing in, either at home for the hardcore enthusiast, or at a coffee shop, is the Shotmaster. Built on a modular frame, this programmable automatic grinder should be able to serve your needs across the board. Plus, the design allows for easy servicing, should the device ever need it. The hopper on top allows for plenty of bean storage when churning through the espresso shots.

Allowing for the user to program the grind time, output, or amount of beans gives the barista a huge range to hone-in specific bean blends. Or, you could simply program it to fit the needs that you want. Either way, the choice can be yours. Oh, and the system runs on a program called e’Connect, which allows for remote technician access, if needed. Nifty.

The only drawback might be that it’s purely an espresso grinding tool, meaning it can’t grind beans to other specifications or measurements. However, if you’re looking for one of the cleanest, and sleekest, ways to up your coffee game, the Shotmaster may be the move you’ve been looking for.

Just Your Standard 15-Pounds-of-Beans Coffee Grinder

coffee beans

If the superautomatic offerings prove to be too much, Fetco does offer a more traditional experience.

Coming in able to hold 15 pounds of beans, the GR1.2 is the company’s standard offering, and more than enough for most applications. Unless you need to have two separate hoppers that would be employed on a daily routine- the GR2.2 would be more suited to that style-storing and grinding beans couldn’t be easier than on the GR1.2.

The grinder is made with precision sliding discs, which are more accurate than your typical burr grinder that is often found in coffee shops around the world, along with homes. The GR1.2 houses a .5-HP motor, providing .74 HP of grinding might, to help deliver consistent grinds every day. You also can choose between small, medium, or large batch sizes, and the batches are programmable. For easy cleaning, the hopper is removable, allowing access to the inside of the machine when necessary.  

If you’re brewing into a Fetco-based brewer, the bottom of the grinder can fit the brewing basket of all Fetco machines, making for a seamless experience when going from beans to brewer.

If Tea is Your Style, Fetco Has You Covered

Let’s say coffee isn’t quite your liking, but tea is.

 Thankfully, Fetco provides a specific tea brewer for all the tea drinkers out in the world.

Now, this is primarily need for commercial operations, as each tank holds 3.5-gallons of tea, but the TBS-2121XTS offered should be able to check all the boxes needed from a tea maker.

From the outset, you might find the equipment to look very nice. In fact, you might even say it looks like a modern and stylish brewer. It carries the European design, making for an attractive offering in your shop. Everything is accessed via the touchscreen that allows for up-to-date information on any brewing that’s taking place. Also, the entire process is programmable, meaning you have the option to set exact steep time and water temperature to customize each tea blend.

Of course, no machine would be complete if it couldn’t handle loose leaf teas, and prepackaged ones at that, and the 2121XTS does just that. Employing the Cascading Spray Dome technology that Fetco has patented, the water delivery system provides total coverage to the areas needed for extraction, then brewing, and finally steeping.

The best part, though, is that due to the Extractor Technology and variable programmable options, you can make hot or iced tea on the same machine. That’s a big deal in the drink business, as having one machine that can brew and store both simultaneously can be a gamechanger.

As mentioned previously, the craftsmanship and durability that Fetco offers with their products allows for a long-lasting lifespan. The 2121XTS is no different in that regard and should power you through numerous years of ownership.

Investing in Fetco Can Be a Smart Move

Fetco is a US-based company that looks to strive ahead in the foodservice industry. Gone are the days when simply creating adequate products are enough. Fetco maintains innovation as being their strongest motivation to succeed and create, with quality and craftmanship to back that up.

It’s no secret that providing equipment that is built to last looks better to the consumer, and Fetco does this as much as possible.

Sure, some of their products are expensive and sometimes their technology isn’t advanced enough to warrant talking up, but the reality is everything always works. If it doesn’t, there’s help at almost every corner, with the company providing around-the-clock service and technicians to those who experience a faulty device.

All of this is crucial to staying on top of the coffee and tea industries. Thriving now more than ever, finding the best equipment for your operation is just as important as the beans or leaves you use in serving the product itself.

While everyone dreams of owning their own specialty coffee stop, the fact is not everyone does it right.

If you’re looking to start your own business, or even improve the one you already have, supplying your store with Fetco equipment that fits your needs can bring a big turnaround to the quality of coffee you can serve.

Besides, you want to serve the best coffee around, right?

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