Whether it’s iced or brewed hot, most people can’t begin the day without swinging by the coffee shop. As good as your favorite espresso tastes going down, did you know that it could be the very thing keeping you from losing those last few pounds?

Rest assured, you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health. In fact, we’ve created a guide that will help you reach your goal weight without you having to stop going to your favorite spot.

Stay Healthy With These Hacks

Who says you have to order coffee at a coffee bar? Perhaps the best way to stay healthy at the coffee shop is to substitute your favorite items with things that offer more nutritional value. Here are some trade-offs you might want to consider making:

Tea Instead of Coffee

Need a daily dose of caffeine? A coffee bar also serves tea. Whether it’s green or Chai, tea has numerous health benefits. Tea contains enriching antioxidants that have the power to fight against inflammation, help stop blood vessels from hardening.

Studies show that people who drink tea on a regular basis are less likely to have a heart disease and a stroke, as well as improve brain function.

Keep calories to a minimum by limiting the amount of sweetener you use in the tea. Seasonings like ginger and mint can be used to add flavor whether it’s served iced or hot.

Skip the Whip

If you insist on having an espresso or a latte just skip out on the whip cream. Depending on the size; holding out on the whip at the top can save you between 50 to 110 calories.

Cream Cheese

We all love a good bagel. Just be careful about what you add to it because putting cream cheese to it can turn a three hundred calorie breakfast into a six hundred calorie meal while adding as much as 20 grams of fat.

Order a bagel without the cream cheese or order it on the side since the coffee house tends to use more cream cheese than necessary.


Don’t consider the buttery, flaky treat known as a croissant. A croissant can cost you between 350-360 calories and just as much fat. Instead of a croissant, opt for a cup of oatmeal or a warm bran muffin.

Egg and Cheese Sandwich

You can’t wrong with an egg and cheese sandwich. This type of breakfast sandwich will run you approximately 400 calories. Protein from the eggs will help fill you up.

Stay Away from the Scones and Pastries

Of course, the scones and pastries will be detrimental to your weight loss goals. Sweet treats like these are made with loads of sugar, flour and butter. You can expect the entire serving to be at least 500 calories. While you don’t have to completely eliminate them, pastries should be a “once in a while” treat.

Best Coffee or Dessert in A Cup?

Smoothies, lattes, frappes and other coffee shop drinks taste delicious going down but they are essential dessert in a cup. These beverages are filled with sugar, fat and artificial additives. In fact, you can be consuming 500 calories in a single drink.

When ordering a beverage be sure to ask the barista to make the following changes:

Change the Size

If you absolutely cannot live without one of your favorite beverages. Instead of choosing the largest size available opt for a small or medium. You’ll be able to enjoy your drink without a fraction of the calories.

Healthier Diary Option

Most coffee house beverages are made with condensed milk which is sweet or whole milk. Ask the barista preparing your drink to use low-fat milk or an almond, soy milk alternative.

Sweeteners and Flavor

Add a bit of sweetness beverage using Stevia, natural honey or agave as opposed to sugar. If you do choose to add sugar to a beverage, decrease the amount you would usually use. Steer clear of flavored creamers. Instead natural cream and cinnamon are great substitutes.

Freshly Brewed

If you must drink coffee every day you should get as much health benefits out of the beverage as possible. Therefore, try to order your coffee right after it’s been ground and brewed. Why? This is when the coffee has the most nutritional value. Coffee contains polyphenols which aid in weight loss. However, it contains the most polyphenols after it’s been ground and brewed. The longer it sits this nutrient eventually weakens.

Organic Coffee Shops

Many coffee shops are becoming more health conscious and embracing organic materials. These types of cafes use locally grown coffee beans, stock vegan, gluten free treats and provide the option of soy, almond or coffee milk.

So, the next time you Google “coffee shop near me” consider visiting an organic coffee shop since they offer healthier alternatives so you can feel good about what you are putting in your body.

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