If you’re new to the world of coffee, or you’ve just never really gotten into it before, you might not understand the differences between freshly ground and pre-ground coffee. In many ways, it seems as though there shouldn’t be a difference in the flavor, smoothness or bitterness of taste, but according to coffee snobs and experts, the difference is huge.

Why Freshly Ground Coffee is Just Better

You could just roll out of bed, dump a pile of coffee grounds from the freezer into the coffee pot, and go off to take a shower. When you’re done, a nice, hot cup of coffee will be waiting for you. But if you’re a coffee connoisseur, that won’t hack it for you. You want the good stuff, even if it means getting up a little earlier on those frozen February mornings.

The general consensus is that freshly ground coffee beans lends a better, richer flavor to coffee. For some, this time difference isn’t worth it, but for most true coffee lovers, the time invested in daily grinding their beans makes all the flavor difference in the world. Over time, coffee grounds also lose their flavor and smell, which also affects the way you’ll enjoy your coffee each morning as you brew it at home with a drip or a pour over coffee maker.

If you’ve had that freshly ground coffee, or have decided that you want to give it a go after all the raving fans have said that you should, you’re going to need to know a few things. Which coffee beans should you grind, which type of coffee grinder you should get, and the type of brewing method you should use are all going to affect your coffee loving plans.

Different Types of Coffee Grinders

There are two main types of coffee grinders. They use two different types of grinding action and materials, and can affect the shape, size and texture of your coffee grounds.

The Burr Grinder or Mill

The burr grinder, or mill, uses two abrasive surfaces to grind hard foods like corn, coffee beans, and peppercorns. The traditional pepper mill that you keep on the kitchen table uses this kind of grinding action by revolving two rough surfaces together. The burr mill produces even pieces of food. They also don’t create as much friction, and, therefore, not as much heat as a blade grinder. These mills can be powered by electric, batteries, or can be powered by hand.

The Blade Grinder

The blade grinder works as the name implies — by using blades to grind food into smaller particles. These appliances use the technology originally used in propellers for small boats, and came into existence during the 20th Century. Blade grinders use spinning blades, powered by electric, and are found in multiple kitchen appliances that you use every day. Obviously, they are found in coffee grinders, but this grinding system is also what blenders, food processors, and even garbage disposals use to grind up things.

The Best Coffee Grinder

There are a host of coffee grinders out there. They may be blade grinders or burr mills, but some of them also include coffee brewing features in a combination appliance. As you decide which grinder would be best for you, it’s recommended that you consider the cost effectiveness, uses, the interests of the users, and the counter space you have.

Top Coffee Bean Grinders

We’ve seen a lot of top rated grinders for this year, ranging in prices from a reasonable $33 for a small hand grinder, all the way up to some that will run you hundreds of dollars.

The top rated choices we’d recommend include the highly acclaimed Baratza Encore, the Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill and the Capresso Infinity.

Top Coffee Maker with Grinder Combination Appliances

We’d also recommend considering one of these combination appliances. These combination gadgets can help take the guess work out of your morning routine, and take up less counter space.

The Krups EA8250 Espresseria Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker has a handful of a name, but it’s got some of the highest reviews in 2018 for the brewer/grinder combination. Reviews say that it gives a cup of coffee in under two minutes that can rival that of professional coffee houses. And it’s a burr mill grinder, so the grounds are more uniform, which also adds to that already improved freshly ground flavor.

Other favorites would include the Capresso 464.05 and the Breville BES870XL Barista Express.

Now that you’re ready to grind your own coffee, finding the right grinder and brewing method is your mission. You can use a grinder/maker combination, an electric blade grinder and pour over coffee maker, or any other team of products to create your own perfect cup at home.

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