When everyone thought novel ways of brewing coffee had all been thought up and implemented, Alan Adler decided to prove the world wrong. He invented the brewing machine the world had long been waiting for – the AeroPress.

A Bit About the AeroPress Coffee Maker’s Maker

A man with many accolades under his belt, Adler lectures mechanical engineering at Stanford University. He has also lectured at NASA, Princeton, The Royal Aeronautical Society, and many other prestigious engineering schools. Doubling as an inventor, Adler is the founder of AeroPress Inc in Palo Alto.

One of his inventions, the Aerobie Pro flying ring (Frisbee) set several Guinness World records for farthest thrown object ever.

Why is all this information important? It just shows you the caliber of the AeroPress coffee maker. Perhaps it even uses some of NASA’s space-age technology? Who knows? All we know is that it brews the perfect cup of coffee.

The AeroPress – Coffee On the Go

The AeroPress is a lightweight and compact device for brewing full-bodied coffee in more ways than one. Being lightweight and compact, it’s easy to carry around. You can still have your favorite coffee beverage, prepared the way you like it, wherever you go.

Before we explore the wonders of the AeroPress, let’s take a glance at 4 common coffee brewing methods.

Coffee Brewing Methods At a Glance

With different types of beans, flavors, and strengths, it’s just normal that coffee has more brewing methods than most beverages on the planet. With innovative coffee houses and baristas, new brewing methods (and technologies like the AeroPress) are being invented every day. Coffee is no longer just about imbibing in a nice strong cup. It has become an art for some and a hobby for others. At the end of the day though, it all boils down to one thing – brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Cone

This is one of the oldest methods of brewing coffee, besides being one of the fastest and simplest too. It employs the use of a cone (plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, or glass), a paper filter, and gravity. Coffee grounds are placed in the paper filter, which is in the cone, and hot water is poured over the coffee grounds. Gravity does the rest by pulling down the hot water, into a cup or coffee pot.


This is a stove-top method of brewing coffee using a coffee maker with 3 chambers. Water is placed in the bottom chamber, while the ground coffee is placed in the middle chamber. The coffee maker is placed on the stove and the water brought to a boil. Steam will rise, passing through the coffee in the middle chamber and collects in the top chamber as your brew.

French Press

The French press method of brewing coffee is one of the most common methods due to its simplicity and superior brew. Ground coffee is steeped in a pot of hot water, allowing all the goodness of the coffee bean to be dissolved in the water. The brew is then pressed out.

And now for the big one…

AeroPress: Space Age Coffee Brewing Method

The AeroPress is one of the fastest growing crazes when it comes to brewing a full flavored cup of coffee. The device itself is made up of 3 parts – a filter, a basket, and a brew chamber with a plunger. The filter is placed in the coffee basket which is at the bottom of the chamber. Ground coffee is placed in the chamber and hot water poured over it. The coffee is steeped in the hot water for 30 seconds, at which point it is pressed out into a cup by pushing the plunger down.

The steeping and the pressurized method of passing the water through are the magic ingredients to making a delicious full-bodied cup of coffee.

Hot Tip

Replace the paper filter with a metal. The difference in taste is phenomenal. Paper filters tend to absorb essential oils that add to the flavor of the coffee.

Heads Up – the AeroPress Inversion Method of Brewing Coffee 

As the name of the method suggests, this method involves standing the brewer upside down, placing the ground coffee inside, and slowly adding the hot water. Stir for 10 seconds, then place the filter in position and secure it in place. Flip the brewer right side up (carefully) and place it on your cup. Apply pressure and “press” the brew into your cup. Once you hear a hissing sound from the plunger, remove the brewer from your cup. The hissing is a sign that you have reached the point where water and air meet in the chamber. Continue pressing the air and brew in a separate vessel till it’s empty.

AeroPress Recipes – To Infinity and Beyond

As coffee fanatics continue experimenting with the different methods and recipes for brewing coffee, the AeroPress is quickly becoming a fan favorite. With so many delicious AeroPress recipes popping up, you surely won’t be packing your AeroPress away anytime soon.

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