It’s Monday morning. After your usual routine of hitting the snooze button several times, you finally decide that it’s time to get up from bed. Half-awake still and only half-willing, you make the long trek from your bedroom to the kitchen. You flick the light switch on and the brilliant lights shock your eyes.

Yet, there is still something wanting. You make a b-line for your coffee maker and find it empty. Mildly panicked, you search for your coffee in its usual spot in the cupboards. It’s not there. Now, real panic is sinking in. Your partner wakes up to you opening and closing the cupboards, frantically searching for your coffee. They confirm your worst fears. “We’re out of coffee, honey.”

Most coffee drinkers have experienced a predicament similar to this one or know of others who’ve experienced this. If this hasn’t happened to you, count your lucky stars.

Coffee Memes: Returning To Your Familiar Darkness

coffee beans shaped in heart

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If today is your day when you’ve run out of coffee or are experiencing the start of an a-coffee-lypse, you are definitely in need of these hilarious coffee memes to remind you of your heavenly dark roast.

1. Wilder Words Of Wisdom

2. When It's Been A Long Day Already

3. Finding Another Cup Of Coffee

4. Just One Cup?

5. The Lord Of The Sith Waits With Coffee

6. Long Live The Freedom To Drink Coffee!

7.It's Doctor Recommended

8. Until The Mid-Morning Coffee

9. There's Only One Rule

10. Wheeeeere's The Coffee?

11. Having The Soup Special

12. The Sight Of Darkness

13. A Fairy Tale Beginning

 14. What A Lovely Surprise!

15. A New Latte At Starbucks

16. Superhuman Senses

17. Storming Mordor Would Be Easier Than....

18. The Child Within

19. Take The Coffee And Run!

20. Not Another Decaf Coffee

21. It Has A Fever Of 103

22. Before And After Coffee

23. Hot Cup, Cold Coffee Routine

24. Mmm... Coffee

25. Not A Threat, But A Fact 

26. A Task Fit For An Olympian

27. The Short Guide To Communicating With Tired Parents:          Morning Edition

28. Batman And Coffee vs. Robin?

29. Puss In Boots Before His Coffee

30. Large Black Coffee With An Onion Peel On The Side For The Mean One Mr. Grinch?

31. Hey Girl, You Know What's Sweeter Than The Sugar In My Coffee? You.

The Best Part Of Coffee Withdrawal Is Coffee Memes On Your Desktop

ground coffee and brewed coffee

image via unsplash

During those moments in your day of intense coffee withdrawal, enjoy a good laugh over this short list of hilarious coffee memes. You’ll be able to reflect on your own coffee drinking and see how many of these memes apply to your life. Of course, they will remind you also of your need for another cup of coffee.

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